10 Husbands Who Knew How To Keep Their Pregnant Wives Happy

The saying “happy wife, happy life,” is never truer than when you have a pregnant wife.

Mood swings, cravings, upset stomachs — pregnancy is a miracle, but it’s no cakewalk. That’s why, when it comes to these husbands, they know that you should just smile and give in to whatever bizarre or hilarious request your to-be momma makes.

1. “My pregnant wife demanded I go to the store for frozen yogurt. I was tempted to play a joke, but wanted to live.” I think he made the right choice

2. At least she made you something for lunch

3. The hot flashes are real

4. This husband got the message, loud and clear

5. Too slow, my friend

6. Take a wild guess on who gets which side…

7. In her defense, morning breath is the actual worst

8. Husbands aren’t the only victims… she had to practice her swaddling technique!

9. *Sigh* It’s such a magical time

10. It’s the little wins, my friend


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