Amazing! IKEA Creates Plush Toys from Children Drawings To Raise Money For Charity

Thanks to IKEA, 10 very fortunate kid’s drawings have been turned into soft plush toys. IKEA will sell these toys all over the world for their Soft Toys For Education campaign. IKEA’S campaign has been up and running for over 12 years now but this is the very first time that they have turned drawings from kids into toys. Every dollar from each toy purchased will be going to Save The Children and UNICEF charities.

Thymeo-created by a 4-year-old in Belgium

Stella- created by a 6-year-old in Cyprus

Dora- created by a 7-year-old in the U.K

Koen- created by a 10-year-old in the Netherlands

Albert- created by a 7-year-old in Romania

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