10 iPhone Hacks That No One Knows About

But even the savviest of iPhone users would be hard-pressed to know all these hacks. And whether you need to charge your iPhone that little bit faster or merely want to know a few keyboard shortcuts, we at Lifehack Lane have you covered.

Here are 10 of the best iPhone hacks.

1. Enhance Your ChargingTime

How often have you found yourself on the verge of going out only to find your phone barely charged? A lot, right? And because it takes at least half an hour to get a reasonable battery percentage, you've most likely left your disgruntled friends waiting.

But that needn't be the case any longer. By just turning on theAirplaneMode, your iPhone can get fuller faster by having less telecom interference to contend with.

2. Set A Time Limit On Your Music

If you're someone who needs the comfort of a relaxing melody before you catch some much-needed zzz, then a feature on most iPhones allows you to set a time limit on your selected music.

Yes, to assure you're not awoken in the middle of the night, go to the Clock app and after selecting the 'When Time Ends' tag, you can swap the alarm clock for a 'Stop Playing' option which is automatically linked to your music apps.

3. Amend Mistakes With A Shake Of The Fist

It can be annoying when we're in the middle of an important text only to realise we made a glaring error and on many occasions, we end up deleting the whole message to start again.

However, with a straightforward shake of the wrist, the iPhone will give you the option of removing your last action whileallowing you to cancel the optionif nothing needs correcting.

4. Correct Siri

Have you ever become increasingly frustrated withSiri mispronouncing a wordor failingto understand a command? Well, now you can school it until it knows everything you want it to!

To do this, just say, "That's not how you pronounce (X)" before then telling Siri how to say it correctly.

5. Type Faster

The saying goes that time is of the essence, and sending a text or email on our iPhone can often take longer than we'd like it to, especially when numbers are involved.

So to toggle between both letters and numbers more efficiently without switching in between,hold the 123 button beforedragging your finger across the letter where your number/character is situated. It will then automatically take you back to the alphabet once you've let go.

6. Discover How Much Your Phone Knows About You

The fact that modern technology has become more prevalent in society than ever before has often made our reliance and addiction to it that even more creepy, especiallywhen you consider that your iPhone can now tell you every place you've ever been to and for how long you stayed there.

So if you go to Settings> Privacy > Location Services > System Services> Frequent Locations, you'll be able to know every place you've visited, and how long you were there for. Kind of cool, huh?

7. I'm Thinking Of Good Vibrations

You're no doubt aware that you can customise your ringtone, but fewknow that your iPhone's settings allow you to tailor your vibrations.

In this neat hack, all that's required is a single voyage into your contacts book. Once you've found someone you want to single out, touchEdit. From there, you'll see a Vibration option. Click on it, and then choose from the many different options.

8. Save Your Data Allowance By Prioritising Certain Apps

It's a common problem: You're already halfway through the month, and you get a text informing you that you're already 80% through your monthly allowance. But you needn't fret.

To get around this and preserve your allowance without spending more, prioritise specific apps by deciding whichget demoted to the Wi-Fi-only list. To do this, go toSettings > Mobile Data. From there, you'll be able to determine whether Facebook is more valuable than Netflix.

9. BoostYour Battery Life

While most will tell you that preserving your battery life comes down to double-tapping the button and then deleting all running apps, there's a more efficient way.

But what is it we hear you cry? Well, it's simple. Go toSettings > General > Spotlight Searchand see who the biggest data culprits are. Incidentally, for those who don't know, Spotlight Search is that grey search box which appears whenever you swipe down on your phone.

10. Discover Where The Best Signal Is By Dialing*3001#12345#*

By typing*3001#12345#*into your iPhone's dialer and calling it, you automaticallylaunch the hidden Field Mode.

After doing this, your bar chart-based signal indicator transforms into a more straightforward numerical-based signal signifier and how you determine its strength is simple. Ascore of -50 is best while those vergingaround -120, will struggle to make a call.
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