10 Musicians Who Found Fame Later In Life

Famed for their world-conquering ballads and impressive virtuosity, their talent and motivationproved that age really is just a number in an industry synonymous with youth. Here are 10 chart-topping musicianswho found fame later in life.

1. Sam Hunt

As well as his natural good looks andbroodingsouthern voice,Sam Hunt is also a multi-instrumentalist, though his natural flair for music came later in life. Growing up in a small town in Georgia, Hunt, like most southern kids, was raised on football, a sport he excelled at, which led him to win a place on the Middle Tennessee State University team.

However, it was at college that Hunt discovered his love of music, and after picking up a guitar, he started writing lyrics, most of which were inspired by his now-wife Hannah Lee Fowler, whom he met at college.

But after an unsuccessful foray into the NFL (he attended a summer training camp with the Kansas City Chiefs) Hunt packed up his bags at 24 and headed to Nashville in the hopes of making it as a recording artist, with just "some food and two mattresses and [...] his mom's minivan" to his name.

But it would pay off, as 4 years later, Hunt was writing songs for country artists like Kenney Chesney, and after releasing a well-received mixtape, Hunt won a recording contract in 2014, at the ripe old age of 30.

2. Sheryl Crow

Everyone's favorite female country artist recently released a new album after many fans wondered if she was even alive, such was her idleness in recent years. Not that Crow needs to release new music to stay relevant or wealthy. She's achieved everything there is, and it all started for Crow after she left her teaching job!

Crow taught music at Kellison Elementary School in Missouri until the age of 24, before she quit her life in St.Louis and headed to Los Angeles. She would soon find work as a back-up singer, most notably for Michael Jackson's "Bad" tour, though she did land a few lucrative tv commercials as well, recording jingles for the likes of McDonald's who paid her a whopping $40,000.

Yet it would be five years down the line, just one year shy of her 30th birthday, before Crowfinally landed herself a record dealwith A&M Records.

3. 2 Chainz

The rapper 2 Chainzis by nomeans everyone's cup of tea, but he'sdone well for himself and established a loyal fanbase, and his success came shortly after changing his stage name!

For years, the hitmaker went by the name "Tity Boi", but after changing it to "2 Chainz", he released a well-received mixtape, which eventually shot straight to the top of the Billboard 200- a month after turning 36.

4.Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen's artistic talents initially drew him to fiction writing, but after failing to make literary waves, Cohen turned to music and released his first album at 33.

That said, his albums didn't achieve mainstream success for another 17 years until"Hallelujah"- which has been covered to death by over 200 artists- was released.

5.Andrea Bocelli

While he may not be known in the world of mainstream pop music, the world-renowned opera singer Andrea Bocelli is one of the best-selling artists of all time.

Though his talents didn't bring him overnight success. In fact, it wasn't until his 34th birthday that he achieved worldwide success, with his third album Songo cracking the top 10 charts in 10 countries.

6. Charles Bradley

The late soul singer held down a plethora of jobs in his lifetime, ranging for a cook in a psychiatric hospital in Maine toperforming as a James Brown tribute artist before he was finally offered a career in music at the age of 62.

Sadly, his career was short-lived, as he died this year of stomach cancer at the age of 68. Yet in the words of the man himself, ""It took 62 years for somebody to find me but I thank God. Some people never get found."

7. Bill Withers

One of America's greatest soul singers served nine years of his life in the navy and factory assembly lines before his debut album with the smash hit, "Ain't No Sunshine" was released.

Withers was 32 at the time of its release, and thanks to its immense success, he managed to forge a successful and lucrative career in music.

8. Blondie

One way or another, Blondie was always going to break into the music industry, despite the band still not being signed by the time theirlead singer had turned30.

However, the face of the band, Debbie Harry, soldiered on with her bandmates and by her 31st birthday, had landed the band a record deal. However, it would be another couple of years before they achieved worldwide success.

9. James Murphy

At 31, most musicians have either given up on their dreams or are reaping the rewards of their record deals, but when James Murphy turned 31, he was only just getting started when he decided to form a band called LCD Soundsystem.

But it was a decision that paid off, because not long after their formation, they soon attracted the attention of industry executives, though it would be their third album, aptly titled, This Is Happening, that would garner them worldwide success.

10.Rachel Platten

After Taylor Swift posted an Instagram video of herself dancing to Rachel Platten's song "Fight Song" at a festival in 2015, it was soon played on every radio station in America and even went 2x Platinum in Australia.
Remarkably, Platten (not that she looks it) was 34 when Swift noticed her talents, though she had released three mixtapes before Columbia Records finally signed her in 2015.
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