7 Dads Whose Fashion Sense Inspires Us Every Single Day
Kara Menard
Oct 01, 2018
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Dads are pretty amazingfor a lot of reasons, but they aren't really known for being fashionistas. In fact, most dads have a reputation for being a bit behind the curve when it comes to keeping up with current trends.

Fathers and their questionable fashion choices take center stage on the hilariousFashion DadsInstagram page. In honor of their killer style choices, we combed through to find the very best in dad fashion, including fanny packs, mix-matched patterns, sandals with socks, and those awesome white New Balance sneakers they all seem to love. Seriously, we've never seen this much plaid in one place, and it's glorious.

1. Is it hot in here, or is it just this dad?!

2. "'Matching?' I'm not familiar with that term."


3. The T-shirt may say "grumpy," but those neon socks say, "par-tay!"

4.Homemade T-shirt tucked into shorts? Check. Headband? Check. Mid-shin-length white socks? You betcha!


5. He's hip; he's cool and he's got TWO sweatshirts to prove it.


6. A "ninja-bread man" turtleneck? Yeah, he's got one. (Don't even get us started about that haircut, Dad.)

7. It takes a real dad to wear a Grinch hat AND SpongeBob pajama pants out of the house.



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