5 Things You Can Do In The Office To Speed Up Time

Here are five such things that will put an end to yourclock-watching days in the office.

1. Take walks

It won't hurt you to take a five-minute break and regather your energy and focus. Better still, if you pass a nice coffee shop, why not pop in and order a hot beverage? That way, you'll have something to consume that feels nice and distracts you from the boredom at hand.

And before you know it you'd have had a lovely walk, drank a comforting coffee and started on your next piece of work.Remember, taking regular breaks has been scientifically proven to boost productivity, so don't feel guiltyfor not being able to sit still for hours on end!

2. Strike up a conversation with a colleague

Talking about work-related matters can fast become irritating and can leave you wanting to isolate yourself. But by doing that and not engaging with others, you're forcing yourself into a corner of boredom where interaction is few and far between.

Instead, make it a habitof striking up regular conversations with a colleague nearby. It doesn't have to be about work. In fact, it could be about anything, from the American presidential elections to what Britney Spears was wearing at last night's VMA'S.

3. Listen to music

Unless your boss is mean, most bosses let you used your headphones providing you get the job done. However, this can also lead to boredom and procrastination if you have nothing new to listen to.

If that's the case, stream your favourite album and absorb all the lyrics. More often than not we miss the important meanings behind them.

4. Write a bucket list

Sometimes, when the days are slow, and there's little work to do, it can be tempting to sneak on Facebook or Youtube for a few minutes. But don't. Not only do you risk looking unprofessional but it is also something you will likely do hours later at home.

Instead, create a bucket list file on your computer and every time you find yourself bored and with little to do, think of things to add to it.

5. Respond to old emails

Once you forget to reply toemails, you can end up with a deluge of them that can eventually leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Soget in the habit of responding to them and craft new ones as well.

You'll feel organised, gain more respect and best of all, it can be something that quickly turns a slow period of the day into a productive one.

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