9 Of The Best Compliments You Could Ever Give Someone

But while being on the receiving end of a compliment can make our day and make us feel beautiful and unique, complimenting others can be just as rewarding. So whether it's that stressed waiteror a friendin need of a bit of love, here are nine simple but powerful compliments that can brighten anybody's day.

1. You have amazing eyes

Eyes are seen as the gateway to the soul and having a pair of prepossessing eyes is quite the physical attribute.

Thus, if you see someone with eyes that set the room alight in a dazzling glow of wonder, then tell them just that! Chances are they'll look themselves in the mirror after you've said that and smile.

2. You're so talented

If your boyfriend is a gifted writer, who has dreams of being published, tell him he writes well, and that he must never give up.

Or if your girlfriend is a dancer, make sure you tell her that her performance'took your breath away,' or that she's 'destined for the top.' Sometimes, with a celebratory and jovial tone, the compliment can sound more sincere and genuine. So say it like you mean it!

3. You work harder than anyone I know

This compliment should be givenwith enthusiasm and pure sincerity. After all, it's a cliched praise, but when used correctly, it can be one of the most satisfying things you'll hear all day.

For instance, if a cleaner is working overtime and mopping the floors like her life depended on it, tell her to take a quick break, place your arm on their shoulder and say, 'Yoy work harder than anyone I know.' It can be applied to any job or discipline, or to any friend/lover/family member working their butt off to succeed.

4. You're the nicest person I know

Being told you're 'nice' isn'talways deemed as acompliment, but worded correctly, and it can be one of the most genuine compliments about somebody's character.

'You're the nicest person I've ever met' or 'You're full of kindness" are just some of many compliments about someone's character that can make them feel a million bucks.

5. Where did you get those shoes?

This applies to men as well as women. Why? Because shoes are usually the first piece of clothing apparel we notice, and if we like what we see, then we should tell them that their choice to purchasex item was the right one as they look fabulous.

Or if you're a guy, tell your friend their new sneakers are cool. It's a simple compliment, but one which makes us feel secure in our appearance.

6. You look incredibly striking

As humans, we get judged on our appearancealmost every day. So what better way to ease someone's insecurities than by complimenting their looks? As a rule of thumb, avoid adjectives like beautiful, pretty and handsome.

They can be cliched, and their usage can be underwhelming. Instead, opt forother words that you wouldn't say every day. Striking, modelesque and stunning are just some of the many alternatives.

7. You would make a great father/mother

Couples in a relationship often say this to one another in the faith and acknowledgement that they can see each other raising children in a safe environment. But even if you're out with your friends, it's worth telling them that they would make a great parent.

After all, being a father/mother is one of the best things you can be in life, so to have someone tell you're up for the job is a positive affirmation that every kind person should be told.

8. You make me want to be a better person

Tellingsomeone you admire that their way of doing things has made you want to better yourself will reinforce that what they've been doing has been worth it and hasn't gone unnoticed.

It's a compliment that affirms someone's goodness, and one that can radically change someone's opinionof themselves forever.

9 Others could learn from you

We all like being valued and respected, and if you notice that someone has raised the bar in what they do, then tell them! It shows you recognize their dedication and talent, and that you respect the work they are doing.

They'll feel ten times better for hearing a compliment of that magnitude, and it will hopefully motivate them to spur on others.

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