Creepy Man Walks Off With Toddler, Then 12-Yr-Old Realizes Something Is Very Wrong.
Gavin Martin
If you see something, say something.

It's become a common phrase in our society if you witness something out of place, tell the authorities. But what happens if no one is around would you put yourself in harm's way to do something? Many people might not want to risk it, but thankfully, the instinct to protect came over a young girl in Kenosha, Wisconsin, earlier this summer when she realized something wasverywrong.

In the end, she ended up saving a life.

A few of the children who live in 12-year-old Jada Miller's neighborhood were all playing outside when one of the children noticed that four-year-old Caylee was being led away by an adult.

It wasnotone of her parents.

Immediately, Jada jumped up and went running after Caylee and her abductor, while 13-year-old Trinity Stout went to get Caylee's parents.

When Jada reached Caylee and herkidnapper, she grabbed the little girl away and told the man that she was leaving.

"Caylee was like I'll be back and then I looked at him and said, 'no she won't,'" Jada said.

The 27-year-old man who attempted to abduct Caylee is actually a resident of the neighborhood. Known as Eli or Elijah, his legal name is actually Benjamin Spasogevich-Lee and many in the area considered hima bitsuspicious.

Benjamin had been seen doing yoga in his underwear in front of his house when the children were outside. In addition to that, he once brought up kidnapping and rape in a conversation with the neighborhood kids.

He is now being held on charges of disorderly conduct and the abduction of a child.

Jada's actions prove that you can never be too young to step up and stand up for someone who is in danger.

Watch the video below andshareif you were inspired by this little girl'sbrave actions.

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