10 Romantic Guys Who Are Definitely Husband Material

Every woman has her own idea of what makes a guy “the man of her dreams.” Maybe her ideal is tall, dark, and handsome; maybe she cares more about his sense of humor; maybe she needs someone to prove his love with romantic acts of kindness.

But there’s one thing every woman can agree on: the boyfriends and husbands in the list below are definitely raising the bar! Check it out.

1. This husband who wrote out 7,000 reasons he loves his wife on 7,000 Post-It Notes for an 8-bit-inspired Valentine’s Day surprise

2. This imaginative boyfriend who filmed 7 different proposals for his girlfriend

3. This groom whose reaction to seeing his bride puts all others to shame



4. “I replaced my wife’s bathroom scale”

5. The crafty man who created custom leather covers for all his girlfriend’s Harry Potter books to give her on her birthday

6. Speaking of crafty, this boyfriend restored a 1910 fire extinguisher for his firefighter girlfriend


7. When his girlfriend wanted to hang stockings, he created an entire fireplace from scratch

8.This husband who frequents a makeup store for the sweetest reason

9. This boyfriend who didn’t have enough money for flowers, so he crafted them himself

10.“Message from the gardener…who is also my husband of 28 years.”


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