Wow This Baby Deer Won’t Leave The Side Of The Man That Saved Her Life

An outdoors man by the name of Darius Sasnauskas witnessed two baby deer being born in his backyard, which is located close to Yellowstone National Park. He soon realized that unfortunately one of the baby deer was hurt and was left behind by her family simply because she was unable to keep up with them.

Darius decided to bring the injured deer home knowing that she had no chance of survival out in the wild on her own. With a lot of work the deer healed and Darius set her free. What he didn’t expect to happen was that the bond he had with the deer was so strong that she kept returning to him until one evening she was reunited with her long lost family.

One day Darius Sasnauskas witnessed two deer being born in his backyard

One of the deer was injured and left behind by her mother

She had no chance at survival out there in the wild alone

He brought her inside and nursed her back to health

With the help of his friendly dog

The bond was formed between the deer and Darius

He tried to set her free back in the wild but she kept coming back

Finally her family came back and she joined them

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